About Us

Lee-care Child Product LLC, is located in developed Yangtze Delta economic zone, Wuxi City. With the advantage of geographic location, and years of experience in manufacturing of baby safety products parts, we have rapidly grown into a large-scale company, and been a reliable supplier for many renowned international brands.

To distinguish ourselves from globalized competition, we keep our minds on novel design, strict managerial system and introducing high profile talents into our team. We comply with ISO9001:2008 managerial system, have a comprehensive process control of production process, archives management, boast a strong backup team of QA, QC and other engineers, and a complete set of testing equipment.

Currently, our product range includes baby car seats, safety parts. Besides, we also offer technical service of design of baby car seats. Till now we have established a regular cooperation with some western companies.

Adhering to the motto of ¡°creating safety and comfort¡±, through utilizing our professional skills fully and efficient teamwork, targeting full recognizance and satisfaction of our customers, we are working industriously to supply safe, reliable and high quality products and sincere, thoughtful and professional service to you.

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